Energy regulations

At the beginning of 2013 a regulation called Réglementation Thermique 2012 came into force in France, which requires all

private individuals applying for a planning permission to make sure that their building meets certain energy-saving criteria. This has replaced the previous regulations and requires a fairly complicated, calculated energy declaration of the project to be submitted with the planning dossier.

Here the advice and expertise of an architect is invaluable. We submit this declaration on your behalf as part the planning application, using a special architectural software programme.

TVA changes

In January 2014 new TVA (VAT) rates came into force. Basically new build, or substantial renovation which alters more than a certain percentage of the fundamental structure of the building, as well as the conversion of previously uninhabitable space into habitation,is now subject to 20% TVA (previously it was 19,6%).

Minor renovations are subject to 10% TVA (previously 7%). Hardly a move by the government to encourage the construction industry…! The lower rate applies to all materials used, provided they are ordered and installed, or used by, the artisan – if you buy your own stove or tiles for example and ask an artisan to install or lay them, you will be charged 20% by the supplier.